A NEW group called Fairford London Road 30mph has been set up following concerns about speeding and the lack of a controlled safe pedestrian crossing on London Road near to the Keble Fields housing estate, writes Chris Roberts.

The concerns have been raised by many individuals over the last few years, but sadly without any changes being introduced.

Now the residents have decided to act as a group to combine their efforts and, hopefully, improve safety on the A417 at both entrances to Fairford.

The group feel that safety is currently compromised by an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing near Keble Fields plus the existing 40mph speed limit on the A417 on the north side of Fairford and alongside the Keble Fields estate on the south side of the town.

It is a busy route to school for many children and their families and the main paved road into the town centre for others.

People are being encouraged to walk more these days, but the residents do not feel safe walking next to or crossing the main A417 going through Fairford.

Safety can only be improved by reducing the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph, then implementing a controlled pedestrian crossing and other tools to keep the speed down.

The new action group can share their ideas, expertise and meet up via Zoom calls.

If you would like to find out more and help the group’s effort for better road safety in Fairford, please join the group on Facebook: bit.ly/2S78erM.