I was very grateful that you did a grand feature on Lionel Walrond last week (16th September 2020), our local historian, archaeologist and curator of the the Stroud Museum which was then in the Centre of Science and Arts.

It is a good a feature for many of us were not aware of the fact that he came from farming back ground.

I came to live in Stroud 55 years ago and I was from the beginning appreciative that the town had a museum.

When he was working there, he would go out of his way, if he didn't know facts he would research them for you.

You could have a long chat with him and naturally you became friends as we did.

His knowledge took him onto another track that of the history of listed buildings around this area.

I recollect that he helped at least stop one building being demolished in Stroud.

He was in one way not a very assuming person, when he retired he still worked with many organisations and people.

Thank you Lionel for without you Stroud would be a very different Stroud.

John Marjoram