I am forwarding the link above as it is clear this important consultation has not been distributed widely enough. I feel it should have been posted to every household!

The government is proposing launching a fast track unlicensed vaccination, and also immunity to the manufacturers for any liabilities if it causes harm. They are also proposing training an army of non- medically trained staff to administer it.

Given that the number of deaths is dramatically reduced in spite of "cases", which are mostly mild or asymptomatic going up, I feel this is a dangerous and unethical proposal.

The public have until 18th September to make their feelings and opinions known.

I fear it may be a "tickbox" exercise and that the government has successfully fearmongered the population to the state of accepting anything they offer.

I urge your readers to look at YouTube presentations by British Dr John Campbell who researches all the latest developments on Covid 19, and is very positive about the lifesaving importance of vitamin D in the prevention and treatment of this disease. Dr Mobeen Syed describes the indepth physiology of how it works, and can also be heard discussing the effectiveness of vitamin D with Dr Zelenko who has used it to save lives.

I am shocked that the WHO, CDC, & the Oxford Centre for evidence- based medicine has not started clinical trials on vitamin D. Knowledge is power and, as a former nurse, I believe people have the right to be empowered to boost their immune systems and stay well through positive health enhancing advice.

Isn't this what our National HEALTH Service should be doing to support us? Vitamin D is cheap and effective as well as safe! Fresh air and sunshine are free.

Fear and anxiety lower the immune system. We can keep ourselves strong and well!

Yours faithfully

Louise Maclellan