Extinction Rebellion: You are disgusting vile little creatures.

For months and months many have not been able to go to work, to earn money and pay their taxes. The taxes that pay the benefits you may receive.

And now, you block the newspapers. The newspapers that my Mum (76yrs), your Mum's, Nan's in lockdown, too scared to go out, look forward to every single day, just to have a slight insight to everyday life outside of their homes.

Because you think it's all about your way of thinking and belief.

*In WWII the Nazis burnt books, to stop non believers. They groomed. They groomed youngsters, who became known as Hitler's Youth.

You recruit children from schools (ie Archway School, Stroud which can be proved) , to protest and form "Die In's"*

Are you there?

Read between my asterisks. What does that make you? New Nazis?

Richard Jenkins

Stroud, Glos