Reclining in an easy chair after tea I reminisce, as elderly people are wont to do. My mind drifts back many, many years to an event that took place in Chipping Sodbury.

The town’s fire appliance entered Broad Street after collecting a distinguished person from Chipping Sodbury railway station and stopped outside the Town Hall where a man stepped down. He was a celebrated radio comedian by the name of Gillie Potter, otherwise known as the squire of Hogs Norton.

Turning to face the crowd that had gathered he gave a witty speech praising the town’ delightful, ancient charm and warm welcome before entering the building to take refreshments with the local dignitaries. He was later cheered on his way back to the station.

I believe the fire appliance was kept in a shed near Frank Rogers’ scrap yard in Hatter’s Lane.

Can any reader corroborate this story or should I regard it as a daydream?

Don Jardine,