Hopefully, you will have noticed a few new signs in Tetbury, writes Kevin Painter.

These are from Cotswold District Council, who in close collaboration with Gloucestershire County and local town and parish councils, have been working to introduce measures to town centres that will encourage social distancing and help residents and visitors to stay safe and support our local businesses.

These are part of the initial light-touch social distancing measure implemented by Cotswold District Council, however, they are now contemplating phase two.

In line with that, Cotswold District Council has made the following short statement: “We need your views on what measures you would like to see introduced in town centres to encourage social distancing.

"Together we can make our towns a safe and enjoyable experience for all residents and visitors.

"Please complete our short survey by visiting bit.ly/2QoUzv2."

The survey is quite short so not too time-consuming however one question has created quite an active response which is ‘What new measures could be introduced to town centres to make you feel safer?’

So far the majority of responses seem to be against any further measures as people and businesses appear to be against any further measures.”

Here is a vox pox via comments from Facebook over the CDC survey request:

- "Lots of this nonsense is political - by both main parties. We need to get on with life whilst maintaining common sense."

- "Complete waste of time and money after all these weeks."

- "No, we must certainly not do the same as Malmesbury. Its dreadful and because the road width has been drastically reduced its always getting clogged up with great big lorries and vans. There are a lot fewer people in the high street since their social distancing measures were put in place."

- "The on-street parking removal would kill the town centre, especially as raised by the Chamber of Commerce and supported by the town council to petition against the increase in parking charges."

- "The survey can be completed time after time with the same person so is meaningless."

- "Excellent job safety measures long overdue but hopefully reminding us and protecting us all going forward."

To read all the comments or make your own you can visit Experience Tetbury Facebook page where there is a link to the official CDC survey as well.

Some residents have also raised concerns over blue badge holders and delivery drivers regarding where they will be able to park?

This is a very emotive issue that deals with the safety of people and the future of a working town. So your views are imperative.