Dear Sir, as a 76 year old I am indebted to the media, because were it not for them I would know nothing of the "pandemic" which we are currently experiencing. I wouldn't even KNOW of the existence of this pesky virus. I know of no one who's had it, nor anyone who knows of anyone who's had it either. Our masters though warn me of the vital need to wear a face mask which helps stem the spread of the killer - notwithstanding that we were initially warned that 500,000 would be the likely death toll in the UK alone and this need was only suggested, by experts, 3 months after the demonic plague first hit.

Another expert claimed on BBC Radio 4 within days of the lockdown that masks "were of no use" in halting the spread of the virus.

If masks, and indeed hand-wash, are capable of stemming this vicious tide of death that is threatening us all, why aren't they provided to the public by the NHS - for free at the point of need. After all, it's what they do. Save lives. It's not as if cost would be a problem as the 13 BILLION £'s of debt that the NHS had accumulated over the years was written off by the Government earlier this year.

In this mayhem there is - seriously - an important service which the SNJ and the Standard could provide. I notice that there is a Covid testing station at the Royal Agricultural College. Who mans it? Let's see photos of the operatives. Hear their stories. Who is required to go there and why and when? What is it's purpose? Or has it been reported on and I've missed it,

Yours sincerely,

Roger Gough