Down Ampney news by Melanie Fouracre

ANYONE interested in the history of Down Ampney will be interested to hear that ‘Down Ampney 1930 - 1975 - A Personal View by Leslie Tucker’ has now been reprinted.

Copies are available from at £12.50 each. Proceeds to All Saints’ Church.

HOLY Communion will be held at Ampney Crucis on Sunday, August 16, at 10am observing the new Covid-19 social distancing measures.

INDIGENOUS trees will replace the poplars that have been cut down in the Church Lane Copse on the way to The Lodge from the Church.

Planting will take place next year.

DOWN Ampney Neighbourhood Plan will now be presented to the village at the end of August or early September, restrictions permitting.

Villagers should look out for details on village notice boards and in the Down Ampney News.

Despite lockdown, work has continued on writing the text of the plan itself concentrating on collecting more technical data and background information.

Once the village meeting has taken place the committee will be able to press ahead rapidly with finalising the plan.