A drone flown just metres above homes was a complete invasion of privacy, police said.

The pilot, a 50-year-old Swindon man, was ordered onto a training course by police and introduced to one of his victims after he flew the Mavic Pro drone over businesses and homes around Cecily Hill in Cirencester in the spring. The footage was later posted online.

Gloucestershire Constabulary had already spoken out about the rogue flying – but now more information has emerged along with a condemnation of his actions.

A spokesman for the force said: "The drone came within just a few metres of some properties and was a complete invasion of their privacy and also causing much upset as private areas of the houses were at the time on the internet for all to see.”

PC Ash Weller said earlier this week that he had noticed an increase in the number of drones being flown over Cirencester.

Any drone weighing over 250g and being used in public needed to be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority and its pilot must pass an online test, he said.

The officer added: ‘Drones are becoming more popular, they are good fun and a great tool to get some incredible videos or pictures. However they can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.”