MISTRAL clothing shop in Cirencester will not be closing down, it has been confirmed.

Concerns were raised by residents after the store, which is located in the Market Place, was emptied of stock.

But today a spokeswoman for the store said that the store is set to reopen later in the year.

"We removed our spring/summer stock from Cirencester," she said.

"All the stock was removed from the Cirencester branch so it could be put in one of our stores which is open," she said.

"We have reopened 14 of our stores, with six, including Cirencester, yet to reopen.

"And so we moved our spring/summer stock from Cirencester to other stores in the area which have reopened."

"As and when we can, we will reopen more stores," she added.

Mistral branches in Cheltenham and Malmesbury have reopened, while the Tetbury branch remains closed.