Siddington news by Alison Wagstaff

SIDDINGTON Village Hall currently has two vacancies for volunteer Trustees.

Notwithstanding the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, Siddington Village Hall is an extremely popular and well appointed venue for hosting a variety of activities including fitness and dance classes, events, parties and official engagements.

The hall is a Registered Charity and is managed by a committee of up to ten Trustees.

The committee invites anyone who is interested in becoming a Trustee to contact us to find out more about the role.

Please contact Denys Young, Chair of the Trustees Committee; Tel. 01285 659486 or email:

THIRTY-FIVE people volunteered to be part of the Siddington Coronavirus Support (SCS) group, which was set up to respond to requests for help from those who were vulnerable or isolating.

Over one hundred requests were received and on each occasion a volunteer responded, often establishing a routine of help that was given repeatedly but not logged.

Particular thanks must go to Jude Grayson for taking the lead in establishing and running SCS, and to Louise Elstow, Nick Anderson and Andrea Hughes for their support as area coordinators.

As lockdown restrictions are eased and people are beginning to return to work there is less need for SCS.

The email address and telephone number will be maintained and monitored for the time-being but response times may be longer.

A REMINDER that Siddington Parish Council doesn’t meet in August.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday September 8.