PEOPLE leaving donations outside charity shops are considered to be fly-tipping and could be fined.

Although charity shops were able to resume trading on June 15, not all have reopened, and some are not accepting donations at this time.

Cotswold District Council is now urging people to only take their items to shops which are open and accepting donations.

A spokesman for Cotswold District Council said: "In recent weeks we've seen a number of fly-tips outside of charity shops in the Cotswolds.

"Please don't leave your items outside of a charity shop. That's not a donation - its flytipping and that's a crime.

"If you want to donate your items please make sure the shop is open before heading out.

"Never leave your items outside of a closed charity shop. It's not fair on the shop workers.

"Your items will be cleared away and they won't be recycled."