Im shielded and other than driving I've not been out for a walk. I chose to do so last Tuesday at 7pm. Having checked the road was clear I ventured out . Id walked about 500 yards and crossed onto another road. Id barely gone 50 yards before I was run past on both sides of a group of six runners. Social distancing etc was completely devoid. They didn't seem to care between themselves and certainly not me. The pack split and went past me on both sides almost shoulder to shoulder. A good number of the pack were heavy girls puffing and panting as one does when running!

Gobsmacked. I've doe my bit in C19 - Id like to think I deserved better. I wrote a stinking vile letter to the club, no reply.

To top it off I turn immediately off this road onto a smaller also empty road. An old lady is on the other side of the road and crosses at me! She passes just behind me which prompted me to comment about social distancing - the reply being ' I walked behind you'!!

7 out of 7 - I cant go out!