Siddington news by Alison Wagstaff

THE parish councillors have agreed that the playground on Park Way should reopen.

A notice has been posted on the notice board to advise users that all coronavirus guidelines should be observed and food and drink may not be consumed in the area.

It should also be noted that although the equipment is regularly checked, it is not cleaned and you are advised to bring your own hand sanitiser and wipes.

Anyone using the play equipment is reminded that they do so at their own risk.

AS Siddington School closes for the summer holidays we say goodbye to headteacher Mrs Carol Dougill.

Mrs Dougill has made a huge contribution to the school during her time as headteacher and she will be greatly missed.

Mrs Frost is also leaving, to continue with her studies at university.

The new headteacher, Katie Cook, is looking forward to the autumn term at Siddington and is grateful to the staff who have kept the school open during the difficult lockdown period.