Chedworth news by David Broad

CHEDWORTH is steadily returning to normal.

The latest normality is the usual loss of water pressure due to Chedworth being fed with water from near Salperton on a pipe which goes down through Withington and then uphill to Chedworth.

Why Thames Water expects water to flow uphill has yet to be made clear.

CHEDWORTH Village Hall hopes to welcome back some village users during August.

Booking enquiries continue to be received and made for the autumn and next year.

ST Andrews Church, Chedworth, is following an interim service pattern during August, with just one morning service each week at 10.30 am in Chedworth.

This is in order to optimise social distancing in the church building.

They will review this situation at the end of August.

There is also a church message for the week online - see

THE secure dog walking field is now trading on the Calmsden Road, all bookings and payments are via Stripe and access is by combination key pad on the gate.

Costs: £12 for up to 3 dogs, for 50 minutes exclusive use of the 4 acre fenced field.