I REFER to the front page news in the WGS issue of July 30.

I am appalled to learn of the wonderful service I have received over the past 14 years from the phlebotomists at Cirencester Hospital about to be abandoned on the grounds of long waiting times and inconvenience to patients who attend.

There are always three very professional and caring phlebotomists in pathology who have been providing this wonderful service over very many years.

During my 14 years of regular attendance, I have never experienced long waiting times, the patients are well cared for and the parking is excellent for able bodied and the disabled.

I have met patients who have travelled from homes closer to Cheltenham to have blood taken quicker rather than wait the long hours at Cheltenham General for this service.

I once had the experience of a two-hour wait in Cheltenham and was so pleased that I am normally able to attend our well run pathology dept in Cirencester.

The GP practices either have no parking or inadequate parking facilities for their patients and I do wonder how the Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group arrived at its conclusions about our first class provisions in Cirencester

Hospital Pathology Department.

Mrs J Leigh