Residents are warning locals to be aware of Lyme disease after a runner picked up a tick in woods in Cirencester.

Posting on Facebook, the woman revealed she found a tick attached to her while out exercising near to the Bathurst Estate earlier today.

Commenting on the post, one person said: “I was bitten in February and tested positive for Lyme disease around a month later once I fell very ill.

“It’s definitely worth having a blood test taken along with a course of antibiotics, it’s not an illness I’d wish on anybody.”

Another wrote: “Lyme disease can be totally debilitating if not treated, so if you get a tick remove it properly and monitor your health for a couple of weeks.”

Ticks can also latch onto pets.

One woman said: “This year has been the worst I’ve ever known it, myself my partner and my dogs have had so many crawling or attached it’s crazy.

“In one walk I found seven ticks crawling on one of the dogs, I’ve lost count with the amount I’ve removed from the dogs regardless of treatment, luckily I’ve caught them soon enough before they’ve got too big, best to check over after every walk especially on very hot days.”

The bacterial infection is spread to humans by infected ticks, and cases are believed to be rising in the UK. 

Many people go on to develop a skin rash after being bitten by an infected tick, although not everyone develops a rash.

Ticks carrying the bacteria that causes the disease can be found in all counties across the UK, including in parks and gardens.

It is important to seek medical attention for a tick bite if you feel unwell or find a rash following a bite because if left untreated, long term symptoms and health problems can arise.

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