Now then. I know you are going to get cross with me. So I'll prepare to duck. What is this thing called cricket? I suppose that being female, middle aged, boring and very uncool, it is quite alright to say you don't understand it. When I was a child cricket was the charming accompaniment to lazy Sundays on the local recreation field. You would watch the families relaxing, fall asleep in your deckchair, wake up to look at the score board, drink some tea, and then fall asleep again, only to wake up again when it was your turn to bat. So, yes, I have played cricket as a child and even on an inter-company friendly basis when working in London later on in life. But cricket beyond this level? Is there really much point in it? Does it not boil down to buggins turn to win? And somebody's turn to grimace or try to look elated for the cameras? And the game itself? Well, somebody throws a ball, somebody hits it, somebody runs, and then sometimes somebody catches the ball. Well, no doubt someone will do a combination of explaining whilst also shouting at me for being such an uninspired dullard. Sorry, proper cricket is boring isn't it?

Elizabeth Smith