LAST Thursday to celebrate the opening of Calcot Manor, Tetbury Mayor Ann Pearce made an impromptu visit to hand deliver a letter to the Calcot team who made such a difference during the lockdown crisis.

The team had been making and donating food free to vulnerable residents in Tetbury and the surrounding areas.

The astounding total was over 6,000 two course meals.

Richard Davies, executive chef for Calcot said: “This was very much a collective idea between Richard Ball, executive chairman of Calcot Hotels and myself, along with the Stone family who are the principle shareholders behind the Calcot Collection and were delighted to fund all.”

Paul Sadler, general manager added: “Of course I am very proud of Richard and his team who brought their skill, passion and dedication to this marvellous and much-needed project.”

Paul also thanked and paid tribute to his entire team that make Calcot.

Tetbury Mayor Ann Pearce said: “I know from personal experience the effect that this magnanimous offer had on people, as I added one of my neighbours to be a recipient who had recently come out of hospital and was thrilled at the delicious food.

"It was not only the food, it was the psychological effect this generosity had on many people who were feeling very alone and isolated. And this is why we thank Richard and the entire Calcot Team.”

THERE was a very special church service on Sunday.

It’s always a firm favourite and reminds people of the classic “vicar of Dibley animal service” as this always brings a smile to everyone’s face as well.

Obviously this year was different as people were invited to send photographs or drawings that could be displayed during the virtual service, and it was a joy as dogs, cats and even a hedgehog were displayed, as well as an educated family of fish, all named after great thinkers/philosophers such as Aristotle.

The Revd Poppy Hughes said afterwards: "Our Animal Service was a joy, thank you to everyone!

"It was great to welcome Bishop Robert, Bishop of Tewksbury, as our preacher.

"And special thank you to Jonathan for his beautiful arrangements of “Morning has broken” and “All things bright and beautiful” and to everyone who sent in pictures of their pets. God be with you!”

THE Revd Poppy Hughes stated: “We are continuing to pray and reflect on the pattern of services in our church buildings as lockdown restrictions are eased.’’

As St Mary’s Church in Beverston experimented by holding a BCP Matins service in the churchyard at 11am.

Well done to Beverston for taking this lovely simplistic community step.

PAM Sims would like to thank everyone who contributed to her fundraising for the Gloucester and Cheltenham Hospital Covid-19 appeal.

She has managed to raise £327 which will be presented as soon as possible.

Well done for all you do with your various fundraising projects.

And I have been asked by many many people to say thank you Pam.

TETBURY Hospital want to say a big thank you to The Coventry Building Society in Tetbury for their incredible support in fundraising to purchase five infrared thermometers for the hospital.

These thermometers have been instrumental in keeping patients and staff safe in the minor injuries unit and X-ray department during lockdown, when these two hospital departments remained open as usual.

The team, who have been working so hard to provide essential services, have been delighted with their new thermometers and cannot express their thanks enough to The Coventry at this time!

Debbie Marshall, manager at The Coventry said: “Myself and staff at The Coventry would like to say a huge thank you to Tetbury Hospital staff for all their hard work and dedication.

"We found it very hot just wearing masks for our visit, so goodness knows how they all feel wearing full PPE for hours and hours. It was a pleasure to be able to help.”

If you would like to make a real difference to the future of your hospital visit

AS Cllr Rob McCorkell stood down from the town council, as well as being the chair of finance and scrutiny, a replacement had to be found.

So congratulations to the new chair for this committee who was voted in at the last finance and scrutiny meeting.

Councillor Garry O’Connor who was the previous vice-chair has moved up to being the new chair, and he is ably assisted by Cllr Stephen Hirst who will be the new vice-chair of this committee.