I AM sure like many people with gardens across the Cotswolds, the changes to the green bin service imposed upon us by the Liberal Democrats at CDC are a disgrace.

Had this happened under the old Conservative administration, they would have been up in arms.

We only have a small garden, and compost whatever we can, but always filled our bin every week most weeks of the year.

If, when we cut our front hedges, we also do some weeding and trim some of the bushes in our back garden, we produce enough greenery for two bins.

Now, not only are we only getting fortnightly collections, and being charged more, we can’t buy extra green bags and, despite being told that “if you have lots of garden waste you may wish to purchase another licence...” we now have to go on a waiting list for a second bin! Even trips to Fosse Cross are rationed and one has to book.

In the FAQ sheet issued by CDC, we also read: “The switch to fortnightly collections will significantly reduce the carbon impact of the service, as fewer vehicles will be on the road collecting waste.” That would be an excuse to cut ALL waste collections by half or even completely.

Perhaps that’s what we can expect next! Indeed if the offices at Trinity Road were closed and all services discontinued, the carbon footprint could be made even smaller!

Coupled with the increase in car park charges across the Cotswolds we now know that when Lib Dems ask for your vote at election time they can’t be trusted to deliver on their promises.

Geoffrey Adams

Past district and town councillor and ex-mayor of Cirencester