A BOOK written by the late This Country star Michael Sleggs is now available to order one year on from his death.

Michael is best known for his portrayal of Slugs on the popular BBC BAFTA award winning comedy which is set in a fictional Cotswold village. 

He passed away from heart failure on July 9, 2019, aged 33.

He suffered with congenital heart defects, and had also been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma as a teenager. 

His book, Memoirs of a '90s Schoolboy, is now available to order and hilariously documents childhood and the ups and downs of primary school days.

The book has been described by BAFTA award winning comedian, Daisy Cooper - the force behind This Country - as 'the funniest thing I have ever read’.

Michael was described as a born entertainer who was always able to see the funny side of things despite the many difficulties that life threw his way.

Michael’s sister, Tara, said: “Michael was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma during his GCSEs.

“But despite his poor health, Michael still lived a full and happy life - he went to amazing places, had fantastic friends and enjoyed a range of interesting jobs, culminating in the ultimate honour in acting alongside friends in a hit TV comedy.

“We miss him every day, and we are heartened that we are not alone in this.

“He touched the lives of so many people in his relatively short life and we hope that he can continue to do so with this book."

She added: “The book looks at the ridiculous situations, elaborate observations, and honest brain farts of a child who thinks he's got it sussed.”

The book was released for publication on June 30, 2020 and has already proved very popular with pre-orders.

Octavia's book shop in Cirencester already has copies on order and will continue to order more for their customers.

Alternatively, the book is available to order online.

Michael had said that the inspirations for his book first began as a simple text to a friend who enquired about someone they both knew.

He said: “She had always had a fascination with certain people, usually oddballs. This was not attraction, but just fascination, about them, their lives, their actions, what makes them tick.

“The person in question was a lad I went to school with named Kevin.

“So I sent her a quick text recalling some of my memories of childhood and going around his house for dinner. He had always been a pebble in my shoe, and I was not shy to express that.

“She thought it was so hysterical she told me to write more. This went on for several months until I eventually conceded to writing her a book on the matter. T

“However, as the book progressed, it has not only become a book solely about Kevin but about a lot of people I grew up with; friends and foe.

“The majority of it is set at my primary school where I spent my early years and so acquired an extensive catalogue of memories and anecdotes which are shared within these pages.”