Chedworth news by David Broad

DOG fouling both on the playing field and near the Hemplands has again become an issue with residents frustrated that while there is a theoretical £1000 fine for not picking up mess, CDC seem incapable of taking action.

THE cancellation of the Chedworth and the Brockhampton shows means all Chedworth Silver Band’s engagements have been cancelled.

Boxing Day may still be on but all the summer engagements have been cancelled and the autumn ones which are usually planned at this time of the year cannot be arranged.

THE consultation on an application for up to three houses on land next to the village closed yesterday.

The site is next to hall children’s play area and HVLTCs Tennis Courts opposite Valley View.

Residents were unable to access the CDC records of the site due to lockdown but some details of a previous refusal back in 1985 were discovered in archives.

Although the consultation has expired, CDC are obliged to consider any late comments up until the application is determined.

The application can be viewed on the CDC Website.

OWNERSHIP of the amenity land between the road and the Hemplands has become an issue for residents as trees growing there are causing excessive shading to nearby houses.

Bromford Housing, Cotswold District Council and Glos Highways are all denying responsibility for the land and trees.

It is believed Northleach Rural District Council purchased the land in the early 1950s from Woodlands farm and yet their successor CDC does not have any record of ownership.

The stalemate continues.