FACE masks - to wear one or not to wear one, that is the question.

On Sunday, senior Cabinet minister, Michael Gove told the BBC that face coverings would not be made mandatory in shops, but should be worn out of courtesy and consideration for others, saying he 'trusts people's common sense'.

Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show, Mr Gove said: "I would encourage people to wear face masks when they are inside, in an environment where they are likely to be mixing with others and where the ventilation may not be as good as it might.

"I think that it is basic good manners, courtesy and consideration, to wear a face mask if you are, for example, in a shop.

"I trust people's good sense."

However, on Friday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson hinted that the wearing of face masks, or coverings, may become compulsory in shops as a 'stricter' approach was needed.

We asked readers what they thought, and 74 people have commented so far.

Here's a selection of views:

Katie Bull said: "It will only work if everyone is wearing a mask. When you wear a mask you're not protected you're just protecting everyone from yourself. So in order for it to work everyone needs to wear one!"

Jennifer Mcgeough posted: "When I eventually go out shopping I will wear a mask as I am shielded and if I catch Covid I probably won't make it. So if everyone wore masks in shops I would feel more confident to go out."

Paul Stokes said: "Should have been mandatory from day one. This virus does not respect anybody. It's "all or nothing", do it right or just don't bother at all. You cannot trust people to be sensible!"

Nicola Hughes said: "Yes, everyone should wear a mask. It should of been done right from beginning - where there are people there should be masks!"

Kathy Nelson writes: "I think it should be up to the individual, as some can't wear masks, eg: learning disabilities, autism, and asthma. I wear a mask when in a shop because I have chest problems, so do what you feel safe to do, it's your choice x"

Dean Preston: "It'll only work once everyone knows how to wear them properly and understand how they work and not to cross contaminate."

Emily Jayne Messenger: "If you gotta wear them to the shops then surely they should be worn in a pub."

Sharon Elaine Clark posted: "I wear one because I suffer hay fever and don’t want any upset or worry caused by my sneezing."

Richard Neave: Loving the conspiracies with regards to face masks. Japan used masks from the very beginning. Everyone. It works. Wear a mask or stay home."

Valerie Fletcher: "Depends on where you live, major cities, with lots of people in one place, maybe. Country towns and villages, where you can easily keep to the 2 metre distance then no. Let individuals decide for themselves."

Marjorie Hodgkins: "Yes, it should be compulsory. Considering that at the moment people being tested have been found to have Covid but had no symptoms (asymptomatic), but are still able to pass on the virus. Should be compulsory like it is in Spain / other countries."

Caron Brooks: "Umm. There must be a reason why Drs and nurses wear them..."

Lisa Mace: "The only way to eradicate COVID is to test everybody. Just saying."

Sam Jane Chivers: "No, it shouldn't be compulsory because deaf people cannot lip read the staff's lips if they're covered and we need help to understand what they are saying."

John Kent: "We should have been told to wear them right from the start."

Janis Avril Clark Thomas: "Yes..it's common sense."

Julie Parker: "All very well, but people pull them down to talk."

Paul Smith: "Horse and stable door come to mind."

Mark Boulton: "Keep the 1meter distance and no need for masks."

Peter Jenkins: "There is no hard evidence that masks provide protection against viruses, period, if there was they would have been mandatory from the start."

Tammy Hartshorn: "bit.ly/2Cz9TSs (Oxford COVID-19 study: face masks and coverings work – act now)."

Gareth Reynolds: "Before any of the public shaming starts because someone isn't wearing a mask. Not everyone can.. https://metro.co.uk/.../people-asthma-shouldnt-wear-face.../."

Jenna Liddington: "I have quite bad asthma and find it very difficult to breathe whilst a mask is on, so I am glad they are letting people with certain illnesses decide for themselves."

Many thanks to everyone who commented.