Police are investigating after a laser was shone at the Wiltshire Air Ambulance yesterday evening as it returned from dealing with an incident in Chippenham.

The helicopter was returning to its Semington base after taking a patient to hospital in Bristol after an accident in Chippenham when the laser was shone at it endangering the lives of the crew.

It is the second time this year a laser has been pointed at the life-saving helicopter. In February, pilots had to abort attempts to land for a medical emergency in Chippenham after a laser was aimed at the air ambulance.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Air Ambulance said: "On the evening of 11 July 2020, when returning from a mission, our Bell 429 helicopter was subjected to a laser attack over Corsham. 

“Our aircrew are safe and reported the incident to Wiltshire Police on their return to our airbase in Semington. 

“Shining a laser at an aircraft is a criminal offence. It is also hugely irresponsible, putting the lives of our crew and, potentially, patients at risk.”