Gyms across the region rejoiced as Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden announced that they may all reopen as of today.

The announcement comes days after Cotswolds MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton Brown pledged his support to the leisure industry in their cry to open.

Sir Geoffrey visited CrossFit Cirencester, run by David Long and his partner - Anna Greco.

They were ready to open so were surprised that the previous government announcement, that opened pubs, restaurants and cafes did not include gyms and places of exercise.

“We operate in quite a large indoor and open space and adapted sessions to be more one on one,” David said.

“We were honoured to have Sir Geoffrey in and one of the things we talked about was the mental well being that fitness and exercise can give the individual.

"Lockdown has affected us all in different ways and channelling energy and gaining focus from even simple stretching is shown to stimulate the mind.”

While at CrossFit, Sir Geoffrey spoke to some of their members, one of which is para-Olympic bobsleigh athlete – Corie Mapp, who added: “This has got me back to a level of fitness and strength I am comfortable with.

"It is a great environment and one of the safest of all of the environments still locked down.”

Sir Geoffrey said: “People are benefitting from these facilities.

"Temperatures are taken, people have their own sections and they do their own clear down.

"It is a safe experience and regulations are and will be met, if you have been locked away it can provide a positive effect on the mind.”