FOR the first time since lockdown, Fairford appeared to be getting back to some normality.

Pubs and restaurants opened this weekend and hairdressers are now being allowed to open as well whilst adhering to strict Covid-19 Government guidelines.

Some visitors to our local hostelries braved the rain and abnormally cold weather to sit outside and enjoy a pint or a glass of wine with other pub-goers for the first time.

One of the hostelries that re-opened in Fairford was the Bull Hotel.

The new managers, Jacqui and Adrian Bartels, enlisted the help of Fairford Town Crier, Andy Stopka, to cry in the Market Place that the hotel was open.

ALMOST exactly a year ago, Farmor’s School issued a statement to counter the rumours about the possible closure of Fairford’s Sports Centre, which had originally been built for the community.

One resident of Fairford, Jim Fallon, felt so strongly about the proposed closure that he formed an action group of residents and councillors to find a way forward.

For over six months, the action group entered into negotiations with the directors of Farmor’s Sports Centre to find a feasible and viable way to save the centre.

Then, last week, the action group’s hopes were dashed when they received a letter from Sue Dorey, Farmor’s School business lead (Strategic), which explained that the School Governors had decided not to pursue the group’s interest in taking over the running of the sports centre.

The letter said: “Governors are certainly concerned about support for the local community, but they have agreed that being able to maintain the facility for sports groups under the school’s current lettings procedures has been working well and could continue as a sound local provision.”

Jim Fallon said: “This is a huge disappointment for the community especially when the priority for the NHS includes an emphasis on exercise and self-care.

“However, the decision has not come as a complete surprise but is disheartening nonetheless.”