High Street

I AM writing with regard to the closure of Thornbury High Street to all traffic, except delivery and emergency vehicles.

I can well understand the concern that the businesses in the High Street have with regard to their loss of revenue but I am also concerned about the lack of parking for disabled people in the street.

I am an elderly disabled person whose only means of shopping is by car and have to park in the car park near Aldi which brings me to another matter for concern.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why the seat near Aldi and the bus stops had been accessible for some eight weeks after lockdown began, but suddenly have been cordoned off as are the ones in the shopping centre, but not the seats in the High Street.

One wonders why!

I feel there has been some short-sighted thinking when making these decisions, perhaps the powers that be can enlighten us.

Anita Woodleigh

Concerned pensioner