By Kevin Painter

Good News! Having achieved the goal of fundraising for the children’s playground at the Station Yard, work can start at last.

The instillation of the play equipment couldn’t go ahead due to the coronavirus crisis.

But thanks to the determination and hard work that Will Cook and Grayham Cleaver put into this project by carrying on with the preparation and with social distancing measures being adhered to, works can now begin.

They will now be able to order the equipment and have it installed and Tetbury will have a magnificent themed play area for everyone to enjoy.

Will Cook said: “I would like to thank our amazing fundraisers Barrie Doyle and Carol Paton, for researching and filling in all those applications on time.

“Their belief and dedication paid off bringing home another £4,500 from Cotswold District Councils community fund and £10,000 from the Lottery.

“Jill Dodge’s friend David Owen also gave a generous donation of £1,000.

“These new awards added to the £3,000 we already have from the Summerfield Trust, £500 from Bristol Water and £500 from the Jack Lane Trust took us to our target!

“I also want to thank Tetbury Town Council for all their help and support and for allowing us to build the play area on their land.”

Thank you to Will Cook who not only inspired this project but drove it forward with his literal hands on approach.