Plans to relocate Romney House Surgery in Tetbury have been dealt a significant blow.

The Phoenix Health Group who run the surgery had earmarked a site next to Tetbury Hospital for a proposed relocation.

But they have now been advised by the landowners of a reluctant and difficult decision that the land is no longer available for sale or lease.

A spokesman for the Phoenix Health Group said: “We have been very aware of the urgent need for a new surgery since we merged with Romney House Surgery in 2017.

"The partners have spent a vast amount of time and money in finding a suitable site and are very disappointed that the site adjacent to Tetbury Hospital is now no longer available.

"Eight further sites have previously been discounted due to financial and planning constraints.

"We remain committed to building a new surgery but now need to start our search for land again.

"We would be very pleased to hear from any landowners that would be prepared to sell three quarters of an acre of land.”