HUW Parry and a friend started Lunchbox Coffee on February 3 this year.

Huw had worked in IT for 20 years but his idea for a mobile food and coffee bar had been brewing for more than 10 years.

“I wanted a lifestyle change and I love food, and I love decent coffee,” he said.

Lunchbox Coffee is a mobile barista Rave coffee bean-to-cup home delivery service in and around Cirencester.

Huw said: “It’s been a rollercoaster since we started because obviously everything went into lockdown.

“But it’s been a massive success considering, and we have a really cool van with a professionally converted espresso machine and grinder installed."

Huw buys the coffee from well-known Rave coffee in Cirencester.

He said: “Like everyone, we had to adapt to the lockdown but it has proved to be very popular and we’re probably selling 50 brownies a day which we bake ourselves so it’s been really good so far and we have just started going into the Abbey Grounds in Cirencester.

“Everyone loves Rave coffee, it’s a massive success and we’re also the only mobile barista Rave coffee van in the area."

Customers can pre-order and then Huw and his colleague will deliver the goods.

“We started deliveries on April 1,” he said.

“One of us does the coffees and the other does payments and brownies.”

Huw said business is booming and that they have probably sold around 3,000 brownies since lockdown.

“In the Abbey Grounds we have a safe distance between us and the public, we put the coffee on the table - we don’t give them the coffee - and we use gloves and masks,” said Huw.

With success coming fast, Huw is already planning to expand.

“The way things are going I’m going to need to invest in a second van,” he said.

“We will also be introducing cold coffees and strawberries and cream for something different.”

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