Debbie Young

RE the castigation of Cllr Debbie Young.

Nowhere in the report was there a suggestion that Cllr Young was acting for, or on behalf of SDC, and the assumption of the complainants was that a re-tweet means agreeing with the author.

My personal contact with Cllr Young has always been one of a diligent and helpful representative of the community, who, if they thought otherwise, would show their displeasure of her at the ballot box.

As a private individual Cllr Young should not be subject to the intolerent few (who will no doubt react to this letter), who do not value the Voltairian principle:- “I wholly disapprove of what you say- and will defend to the death your right to say it”.

Another disconcerting item in the report is that SDC employ a ‘monitoring officer’ . Who sanctioned such an Orwellian idea? Who is being monitored and to what end? Is the SDC aspiring to become an extension of GCHQ?

James Stone