CHANGE of Direction?

Cleaner air, quieter roads and more people walking and cycling, Who would have thought there was any benefit to this appalling Covid crisis?

But, whilst car use is the usual default travel option for millions of us, will all these good things be lost when the lockdown finally ends?

Just imagine: vehicles limited to cycling speeds in towns and villages; dedicated bike ways and footpaths that get you where you want to go; more frequent public transport including simple lift sharing and affordable taxis; and street cars you can hire by the hour or day for more complex journeys.

All of these could happen now, it just needs people to imagine a better future like this and press local and national politicians for a genuine change of direction.

Imagine if the £500m to be spent on the A417 ‘missing link’ near Birdlip was spent with more imagination. Time for a real change of direction?

Peter Ashcroft

Peter Wormington