I was disgusted to read of the unjustified criticism sent by emails to our MP (reported in The Daily Telegraph on 30 May 2020 page 7). She is legally entitled to take maternity leave. What evidence do the critics have that their correspondence to Siobhan Baillie will be ignored for a month. Show us your evidence please?

I can confirm that I have had an excellent service from her within the last two weeks. I will not go into the details but I can confirm that on 15 May 2020 (one week before her baby was born) I did request her help. Within one hour I was asked to complete Consent documentation and received later that same day confirmation that a communication had been sent to the relevant Government Department.

On 29 May 2020 (one week after Siobhan’s baby was born) I received a very positive reply from the Government Department via Mrs Baillie’s office clarifying my query. This is clear evidence that Siobhan Bailee’s office is functioning very effectively. Stroud constituents can be assured that our MP with her team are providing the quality of service that we all expect.

I look forward to seeing the evidence from her critics.

Colin Ellis,