A 36-year-old Cirencester man who pointed a knife at a teenager in the town has since assaulted a man in a night club - by 'grabbing his testicles for a prolonged period,' a judge was told today.

Gary May, formerly of Upper Churnside, Cirencester, has also been accused of a further assault - by allegedly biting a man three times, Gloucester crown court was told.

May denies the biting offence and is awaiting a magistrates court trial currently scheduled for June 1st - but he admits the testicle grabbing, said prosecutor Janine Wood.

May, currently living in a Gloucester hotel under the Coronavirus assistance scheme for the homeless, appeared before the court via Skype today to be sentenced for the knife offence he committed in Chesterton Lane, Cirencester, on September 7, 2018.

But after hearing of the two recent incidents - the alleged biting offence last September and the testicle grabbing on 6th Feb this year - Judge Ian Lawrie QC adjourned sentence in the hope that he can deal with all the cases together on June 11.

He bailed May to appear again on that date from a video link booth at Cheltenham Magistrates Court.

But he told May not to worry about what sentence he will get, even though he is subject to a minimum custody term for the knife offence.

The judge said he was encouraged by a probation service report on May saying that since he went into the emergency hotel accommodation he has taken control of his life and is co-operating with an existing community order.

Sarah Jenkins, defending, said the reason May had a knife with him when he committed the offence in Sept 2018 was that he was self harming at that time. His own blood was found on the knife, she said

"This offence is now very old and he was homeless in Cirencester at the time," she said. "He had mental health difficulties and he was plainly drinking too much.

"To some extent he has been a beneficiary of the whole Covid situation at the moment because he has been provided with an address to keep him off the streets.

"Everything else has fallen into place for him since then. He has been complying with his community order, doing voluntary work, not abusing substances, he has a partner. A lot of things have significantly improved for him."

Janine Wood, prosecuting, said the testicle grabbing offence May has admitted happened on February 6 this year in a night club in Cirencester.

"Something happened and he grabbed this man's testicles and it seems he didn't let go for a while," she said.

The alleged biting offence was more serious and had been charged as an offence of assault causing actual bodily harm, she said.

"He allegedly bit someone three times. It happened also in Cirencester on September 22 last year. It appears he was also drunk on that occasion. He is denying it and claims self defence."