Thank you

COULD I use your pages to thank the Stroud Coronavirus Community Response for their work?

Stroud has a reputation for being a strong community and its citizens helping each other.

And in the SCCR we see this neighbourliness working in practice.

As the SCCR say in their letter to you last week their mission is to share quality, fact checked information and guidance, and to help support each other during the pandemic.

The work they are doing is inspiring and a comfort to all it touches.

At times like this it is easy to feel helpless, but the SCCR can help us to feel supported.

What a contrast to The Beacon’s embarrassing and inappropriate reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, which has been well documented in your pages.

Far from being a light to guide and help us, The Beacon has been like a paraffin lamp in a cellar full of paranoiacs, a little bit of Donald Trump transplanted to the centre of Stroud, complete with chloroquine.

Who would have thought it?

I believe that Stroud is better than The Beacon, and the SCCR and the many people with whom it is working are a wonderful example of that.

Peter Twyman