VE Day 75

IN 1945 I was just seven with little knowledge of the effects of WW2 and the necessary restrictions to ordinary life.

However, after surviving several bomb attacks, I well remember enjoying the street parties held to celebrate the Victory in Europe against the Autocratic leaders of the Evil Axis Powers.

Following on from the peace, without fear of instant death, our Full Human Rights were re-established, many being enshrined in later laws to strengthen British democracy.

Now 75 years later, as we commemorate that joy-full occasion, I find many of those rights suspended by the Government’s ‘Lockdown – Police State’ policy; for example being unable to have my weekly visit to my disabled autistic daughter in her care home, something we’ve treasured for 30 years. (PPE not even considered).

What a sad ironic and tragic contrast we now find ourselves in being worse for many freedoms than was experienced between 1939 and 1945.

Am I the only one unhappy with this current state of affairs when we cannot meet and celebrate in person with our dearest family and friends?

Anthony Burton MBE