A SECOND book featuring historical photos of Malmesbury is proving to be a phenomenon once again.

Facebook Group Malmesbury Now and Then is launching its second book titled Malmesbury Reflections, following the success of its first book at the end of last year which sold all 750 copies in less than two weeks.

Alison Cross-Jones, Malmesbury Now and Then group founder said: “We were worried the lockdown might put people off making pre-orders this year but that’s just not the case.

“We’re about 65 pre-orders away from covering all the book costs and with the current pre-orders people get their names in the book too.

“It’s so important to cover the printing costs because that means 100 percent profit from the sales of the book going to both the Athelstan Museum and the Malmesbury Civic Trust.

“Last year we raised £7,500 for both charities combined; it was an amazing achievement and we did it in less than three weeks.

“We’re hoping to launch the book later this year at the Julia & Hans Rausing Building (Moravian Church) Oxford Street, Malmesbury. However, nothing is guaranteed at the moment."

Malmesbury Reflections is being written again by accomplished author Charles Vernon who’s written a number of successful local history books.

“I was amazed at the enthusiasm of the Malmesbury Now and Then group members last year and their willingness to purchase the book especially those who pre-ordered something they’d never seen," said John Slater, one of the group admins.

“This year I’m amazed by the many fresh photos members are providing. This second book Malmesbury Reflections is going to have a different focus and will be a larger version than its predecessor.

“With the current lock down I’ve more time to devote to the book. History is a passion of mine and the group gives me a great opportunity to share my passion with others.

“I’ve been humbled by the amount of support and kind comments I’ve received about the last book.

“Since the country went into lockdown the numbers of new members joining Malmesbury Now and Then has increased with more images than ever before.

"It’s such a great group and every image has its own story. I’m enjoying being an admin of the group and I’m learning so much about the town’s history.”

Malmesbury Now and Then was started almost five years ago.

From the beginning the group has supported the Athelstan Museum and the Malmesbury Civic Trust.

For further details, email malmesburynowandthen@gmail.com