Headteacher, Mrs Julie Fellows, and some of the staff from Fairford Primary School have put together a YouTube video that will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.

Mrs Fellows wanted to say thank you to the pupils, who are Stay-At-Home heroes and their parents and carers who are having to juggle work commitments and teaching at this difficult time. The YouTube video shows the staff singing Bob Marley’s famous song  Everything’s Gonna be Alright.

“We wanted our whole school community to realize that we understand how challenging this is for them” said Mrs Fellows.

“We wanted to let our parents know that we also recognize that our children have had to sacrifice a lot in not going out and not seeing their friends.

"Like many schools, we set the children the challenge of being stay-at-home superheroes and they have done that brilliantly.

"We also wanted to let them know that we we’re still here and that everything is going to be alright!”

To view the video, go to bit.ly/2Tbu12n.