CIRENCESTER’S Open Air Swimming Pool could still open this summer despite the current restrictions due to the coronavirus.

The pool was due to open to the public today, but treasurer Paul Jenkins has said he hopes the pool can open at a later date.

He said: “We do still have plans to open this summer.

“If we do there would be a number of restrictions in place.

“We could limit number of people in the pool at a time and set up lanes with one person per lane.”

Mr Jenkins said that limiting the amount of time residents can spend in the pool is also being considered - with possible time limits of 45 minutes or an hour.

He said that no decisions will be made until they receive further guidance from the Government.

Cirencester’s residents were due to celebrate the pool’s 150th anniversary this summer, and Barbara Chamberlain, a season-ticket holder at the swimming pool, is hopeful the celebrations can still eventually go ahead.

She said: “Birthday celebration events were planned to take place during the season, acknowledging our debt and gratitude to all those whose determination led to the creation of the baths and its continued existence as Cirencester Open Air Swimming Pool.

“We hope some of these events will go ahead if the pool can open this summer.

“If not, we will celebrate in 2021.

“We will be pleased to share more of the stories we have uncovered of past times at the Baths, and hope that our visitors will bring more memories.”

If you have stories and photographs you are happy to share with the Pool, visit