LADY Bathurst has issued an urgent plea for cyclists not to use Cirencester Park after an elderly man was knocked over at the weekend.

The man was knocked to the ground by a cyclist riding ‘aggressively’ according to Lady Bathurst.

Bicycles are only allowed in the park for children aged four or under who must stay with their parents, who need to be on foot.

Lady Bathurst urged residents to adhere to the rules of the park, which her family owns, as lockdown restrictions are eased.

“I completely understand what a dreadful time it’s been for everyone over the past two months and we could not have been more delighted to have kept the park open for you to enjoy,” she said.

“Now lockdown restrictions are being eased we’re all thrilled to be out and about but sadly there are a growing number of problems, such as people entering the park outside opening times and walking dogs in areas where they are asked not to go.

“But the most important issue is the one of bikes in the park.

“Unfortunately there seems to be a growing number of people who think it is perfectly okay to do so.”

Lady Bathurst confirmed that the elderly man was fortunately not injured during the incident.

She said: “He was badly shaken.

“It was a horrible and frightening experience for him and because we are finding a growing number of bikes appearing on the estate, we are increasingly worried.

“Please, please may I ask everyone to consider these very simple requests from us as a family, to ensure your continued access to, and enjoyment of Cirencester Park in the future.”