IT IS heartening to see so many ‘ordinary’ people at this time being so pro-active in caring for their fellows.

Also to be admired and applauded are those who entertain, albeit in a small way, along a road or in a courtyard or behind a block of flats etc bringing light relief and enjoyment to everyone.

TV news is full of such instances and without doubt the wide participation of all ages shows how much it is appreciated, while still maintaining and respecting ‘social distancing’.

Rodborough Fields has had its own ‘minstrel’ for the last three weeks, between 4pm and 5pm on Saturday or Sunday.

Many people have come to sit in their front gardens to acknowledge each other and enjoy the ambience.

NHS and other key workers have said how much they enjoy it.

Sadly it seems as if our DJ will not be continuing. Apparently three, yes three, people have complained to the police and the police have been forced to investigate.

What a pity these people did not let us know of their complaint before bothering the police who have more important things to do.

I am sure we would have been able to find a solution to whatever was concerning them.

Nevertheless we should like to thank DJ for his hard work in providing entertainment and pleasure to many.

We do not know where these three people are living. Could they possibly be the same three people who have objected to the ‘Clap for the NHS’ on Thursday evenings?

Terry Allen