THE lockdown of churches, places of faith and praise, is a crime vs the spirit – the devil’s own ploy. No services, but surely we can be trusted to distance ourselves as we do in supermarkets.

Two or three can no longer gather.....

And is 5G being installed in schools while they’re closed?

A huge international conference on the effects of 5G scheduled for March was cancelled. On Saturday, April 25 a global protest will take place with banners unfurled from windows....

5G is not merely an upgrade from 4G but a military frequency which thousands of independent scientific studies have shown to be a pulsing frequency harmful to DNA and the nervous system.

Birds, butterflies, bees and other insects die in its path. 20 million environmental refugees cannot be near a cell phone or wifi without getting ill. Who has logged the effect on life of 20,000 satellites in the ionosphere since 1998? And there are 42,000 planned to be sent up by Co2-spewing rockets.

Class action suits have been filed vs telecoms in Canada and Australia.

The largest industry in the world, with the biggest lobbies, is lawless,putting profits before people. There are no government regulations to protect us and the trees, birds, butterflies and bees inter alia. For the love of life can we bin our cell phones (esp. smart phones) and use landlines or a Nokia (just a phone)?

Data storage alone uses 200 million tons of Co2 a year = a huge carbon bootprint. And we can sign the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space.

Scores of groups are calling for a moratorium on 5G across the world.

This is nothing less than “a crusade to restore the holy land of our pristine unpolluted bodies and minds.”

We have no wireless devices in the house. We both write books on a cabled computer with access to the internet. It can be done.

Gabriel Millar