I have come into contact with our local police force and PCSO’s and have usually found them to be community minded and keen to work for and with people.

However, over the last month I have become extremely concerned at the abuse of police powers and the fear this instills in our community.

Adam Wagner of Doughty Street Chambers tweeted that this is ‘the ‘perfect storm for wrongful convictions and fines’. Lord Justice Sumption has called police action ‘shameful, with scant regard to common sense and tradition’

The Serjeants Inn Chambers issued legal advice (26/03) to police forces around the UK outlining that people can leave their home to help a vulnerable person (aged over 70, pregnant or with an underlying health condition. It also outlines that exercise can be taken alone or with other members of your household, and that the Prime Ministers request that it be once a day is not enacted. You can also leave your home for other ‘reasonable excuses’ other than shopping and exercise, and the legislation does not explicitly state how long this should be for or what ‘reasonable’ is.

We have reached a very dangerous point in history. Our police must only apply their powers under the law, and looking back at history remember that ‘only following orders’ is when it moves to tyranny, where we all lose our rights.

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