What do they put into the water in Cirencester to make people so fit and healthy? I am 87 so I assumed that I would be specially catered for on Friday when I attended the Tesco hour from 9.00 to 10.00 for the vulnerable and key workers. I was absolutely delighted to see that the long queue which I had to join largely comprised people who looked so well and young that they were a tribute to our nation’s health. There were even some who looked like teenagers. One particularly healthy specimen was making standing jumps from one of the two metre marks to the next to the great admiration of his female companion. What a joy to see that the vulnerable are bearing up so well.

I mentioned to one of the excellent staff how young the old people looked and they just shrugged and said that they had been told just to let people in.

It makes you proud to be British.

Yours faithfully

Peter Chadwick

South Cerney