Panic buying

THE effects of the Corvid-19 virus has been compared with the Second World War in particularly with regard to panic buying and restrictions to daily life.

I was too young to remember panic buying but rationing I can recollect.

I have experienced other episodes of panic buying, once in Trinidad in 1981, due to a sugar cane processing factory burning down.

Although panic buying should not be condoned, it is nevertheless objectionable to hear on the BBC Stuart Rose (Lord Rose) ex-CEO of M&S criticising panic buyers when he, as a retailer, is equally capable of being aware of the circumstances and encouraging retailers to plan ahead. In Baghdad in the 80s food was in short supply. No bargaining, the shop owner had a very simple solution. One item in the shopping basket sold at the standard price, for the needy, every additional similar item, add 10 per cent to the price and so on. Amazingly no one complained!

Michael Neale