Fewer inflammatory letters would be welcome during the present Covid19 crisis, particularly those like today’s ‘letter of the day’ with its thoughtless dismissal of legitimate concerns and provocative speculations based on unverifiable events (Coronavirus and 5G mobile phone masts and XR, 9 April 2020).

For the writer’s information, when serious science indicates there are potential dangers to public health and the environment from a new technology, in this case 5G, such warnings should be heeded – as the European Parliament’s Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) had intended to do on 28 April before the outbreak of Covid19.

The purpose of STOA’s (now postponed) hearing is to review new evidence of potential harm from 5G and thereby ensure one health crisis is not replaced by another – in the European Union at least. And yes, the effects of pulse modulated electromagnetic radiation on the immune system (which are significant) will indeed be considered once the hearing goes ahead.

Here in the UK, meanwhile, 5G technology is being rolled out without debate, informed consent or safety testing, while a fearful nation - distracted and disempowered by lockdown - unwittingly looks the other way or snipes at those who don’t.

Delny Britton (Dr), educated in ‘First’ and ‘Third’ world countries