Cotswold District Council has confirmed there are no changes to recycling and general household waste collections over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

Residents are asked to present their bins and containers as per their regular collection schedule.

The council is calling on residents to do all they can to limit waste and recycling presented for collection so that crews can keep up with demand and provide the safest and best possible service.

To ensure services continue safely and promptly the council urges residents to properly sort their recycling and to fill containers carefully.

Well sorted recycling means crews can make collections more quickly and helps limit their contact with waste.

Households are also being advised to choose products that have less packaging in order to reduce waste.

Ubico staff are working hard with a reduced workforce to complete collections and the much higher volumes of recycling being presented stretch their capacity.

This leads to missed rounds when the collection vehicles capacity has been reached.

Councillor Andrew Doherty, cabinet member for waste and recycling, said: “I’d like to thank our waste crews for keeping collections running as smoothly as possible during these times.”

“We’re doing everything we can to reduce the risk to them and the wider public and I hope people recognise the challenges our workforce faces.

“Our collection crews are key workers providing an essential service to the district and we need to have stringent measures in place to reduce the risk to them and residents. Please show your support for the crews who are working hard through challenging times by following the guidance and instructions that we provide.”

“The majority of issues with collections are due to the very high volumes currently being presented and I ask residents to take extra care to limit the amount of waste and recycling you present at the kerbside. Please help us to help you.”

For more information on pre-sorting guidance, visit