CALCOT Manor has launched a new delivery service aimed at self-isolating and vulnerable residents.

Ran by the Calcot Collection, the hotel and spa, based near Tetbury, launched the new service on Monday aimed at residents in Tetbury and surrounding villages.

On Monday, 150 meals was sent to distribution centres for the vulnerable.

By next week, they hope to build this to 600 a week.

Richard Davies, executive chef for Calcot said: “This was very much a collective idea between Richard Ball, executive chairman at Calcot Hotels and myself, along with the Stone family who are the principle shareholders behind the Calcot Collection and were delighted to fund all food and expenses behind this project.

‘’Monday was our first day sending out meals and whilst it went without glitch, it was a little manic.’’

Tetbury Town Councillor Kevin Painter added: “On behalf of the many many people this amazing act of good will touch, thank you.”