Several months ago I was accosted in George Street, Stroud by a group from "Stroud against everything" (5G in this instance) XR people, who were campaigning against 5G and when I suggested that technology had to move forward they shouted after me that I would die (from 5G). I do hope that this group of ill informed individuals are now not going to follow the preposterous Fake News that 5G causes coronavirus or even effects our immune systems so that we are more vulnerable to the virus.

At the time I just thought they were the usual fairly harmless "Stoudie" types who have been against mobile phones from the start, but since they have whipped up the mass hysteria of XR, I do fear these may be the very groups who try to burn down mobile phone masts which would destroy all vital communication for the emergency services and the rest of us during this crisis and beyond.

That anybody in an educated first world country could believe such a myth is beyond me!

Stay safe all of you at the SNJ.

Shirley Knott