Drinkers should keep a weekly tally of how much alcohol they consume to avoid bingeing at home, according to a substance misuse organisation.

Social enterprise Turning Point, which provides support to more than 100,000 people with issues including alcohol dependency, has issued an online guide to help people monitor how often they drink, how much and their feelings afterwards.

It has also created a special questionnaire which enables individuals to tell whether or not they have a drink problem.

The recommended maximum daily alcohol intake is between three and four units for men and two to three for women, with one unit the equivalent of one 175ml glass of 6 per cent wine or a small measure of spirits.

Turning Point is warning there could be an increase in health problems if people turn to drink to cope with the coronavirus crisis.

Julie Bass, chief executive officer at Turning Point said: “It’s easy to lose track of drinking if you’re at home all the time, especially with alcohol within easy reach. But regular drinking can affect your immune system, general health and state of mind.

“Everyone is under an exceptional level of stress right now and drinking can seem like the solution.

"Sitting at your office desk with a glass of wine wouldn’t be acceptable. But in isolation your boss isn’t going to know – and that fuels the temptation.

“Our online guide will help people take a sensible approach to drinking and cut back if they’re exceeding the recommended daily guidelines.

“If you’re struggling, then do seek professional help and advice. Turning Point’s services are still operating during the lockdown including advice and detox support available by phone and online.”

A recent poll carried out by Turning Point/YouGov revealed that isolation and loneliness is linked to drinking as a way of coping.